TMKenny is a customer service oriented company specializing in the management of detached homes, townhomes, individually owned condos, and small multi-family rental properties.

We have a professional, well-trained staff, and I have been in this business for over 25 years.

  • Straight Forward/ Cost Effective Fee Structure! We are less expensive than other PM companies!
  • Comprehensive Marketing Strategy to Fill Vacancies!
  • Tenant Screening Including Criminal, Credit, Previous rental history, Terrorists Watch List, Sexual Predator, and Income verification!
  • Collection and Proper Legal Retention of Tenant Security Deposits!
  • Direct Deposit for Owners, and online Owner/Tenant Access to Financials!
  • Audited Year-End Financials & Owner 1099 Preparation!
  • Routine Internal and External Property Detailed Inspections!
  • 24/7 Maintenance and Emergency Services, with a common sense approach!
  • National Collections Presence!

We will complete a market analysis of your home, and provide you with a recommended marketing pricing strategy. We will give you all the tools to form a proper starting price.

We will provide you with educated choices to make a proper decision on pricing and marketing.

Once you become a TMKenny Property Services owner, you will have instant access to our maintenance team. If a tenant calls in a work order, it is scrutinized to determine responsibility and proper actions. Our owners and tenants are kept informed of maintenance progress as it occurs.

Most maintenance is handled by our inhouse service techs, and we also have relationships with local contractors. We will work with your contractor if you would like us to. We engage maintenance with a common sense approach. Your tenant will have access to a maintenance reporting line that can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. After hour Emergencies are sent directly to our on call techs instantly. We do not require you to maintain a maintenance reserve in your account, unless you have a large project coming up, or monthly recurring bills.

We perform two major inspections. We perform an initial inspection which serves as a base for condition. When the tenant moves out, a move out inspection is done, and condition is compared to the move in inspection.

In between we can perform an interim inspection to identify needed repairs, preventative maintenance, and ensure tenant compliance with the lease agreement.

We can also perform red flag inspections. If the tenant starts paying late, not paying at all, calls in excessive maintenance, or we get complaints from neighbors or others, we arrange for extra inspections. If we are in the same neighborhood looking at other homes, we will do drive by inspections. If we send a maintenance tech to do repairs, they do a cursatory check as well.

While there, we check for cleanliness & condition, electrical & plumbing problems, proper mechanical operation of systems, cosmetic issues, seasonal preventative maintenance, proper care of heating and cooling systems, home exterior issues, and lawn/yard care.

We maintain security deposits in escrow accounts in accordance with Virginia State Law. We set up operating owner accounts for each property, and provide monthly statements itemizing all income, and expenses. After receiving rental payments, owner proceeds are forwarded to the owner via check or electronic transfer.

Communication is the always the most important factor, and in the forefront of all of our tasks. You can reach us 24/7.

We do not ask you to put one month’s rent in maintenance reserves, or account reserves, unless you have us paying a reoccurring bill, or have a large project coming up

We do not charge you supervisory fees for monitored work needed on your property.

We do not charge you if your home is vacant. If there is no rent coming in, we do not collect a management fee.

1) If you require a tenant to be found and placed by TMKenny Property Services, the fee is one months rent, and this includes ALL marketing costs. 

2) If you have a stable established tenant with a lease in place, there is no initial set-up fee.

If your property requires a transition from another property manager to TMKenny Property Services, we handle this transition for you at no extra cost.

In all cases, when a tenant is in place, the monthly management fee is 8% of the collected rent.

We keep it simple, make it easy, and use common sense to manage your property.

Should you be interested further, I can email our forms with no commitment, so you can review them at your leisure in advance of any questions, and get a more in-depth look at our commitment to you. Just let me know.